About Journal

The Scientific Journal of Regional Culture in Slovakia / Vedecký časopis o kultúre regiónov na Slovensku is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed scientific periodical focused on the research of various aspects of culture in Slovak regions.

The Journal is published twice a year and aims to bring the latest and original research results.

The Journal welcomes submissions from a broad spectrum of research ranging from humanities to natural sciences investigating intangible and tangible aspects of culture in Slovak regions. For publication may be offered only manuscripts not submitted elsewhere. Each manuscript passes through anonymous review process and will be reviewed by two peers. The result of review process will be communicated to the author within 12 weeks of receipt of the study by the editorial board.

Apart from original research articles, the Journal accepts also book reviews and conference reports.

Manuscripts submitted for publication must be sent both in WORD and PDF formats, in Slovak (Czech or Polish) as well as English language. All texts are published bilingually in Slovak (or Czech or Polish) and English language.

For formal aspects of manuscripts please see the publication and citation format.

Peer-reviewed Scientific Journal : ISSN 2585-8068